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Hive-The Seabees Community

Host study sessions, meet colleagues, interact, and network with fellow seafarers in Hive.




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Our Features

What makes the Hive a one-of-a-kind community platform for seafarers?

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Study Sessions

Host or Join study sessions with your friends/peers. No license is required. No limit on the time duration. No need to share links, just invite them right from the platform.


Attend events to learn from the experiences of the speaker. You can also opt to be a speaker if you have something to share with the community.

Community Courses

Take community courses to upskill yourself. Most of them are available for free to community members. You can also submit a course to us to put it up on the platform.


Use our directory to find the contact details of fellow seafarers. You can also approach them via the in-built direct messaging feature. And yes, it’s secured!


Interact, Engage, and Network with fellow seafarers. Be it events, direct messaging, or events- the platform has been made to boost peer-to-peer interaction.


Get updates about the happenings in the industry from our team and your fellow seafarers. You can also share the verified updates on the platform.