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Traversing your career is easier when you have Seabees supporting you. Be it Pre-Sea, Sea or Post-Sea, We will be there for you.

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Love these smiling faces?

We love them too.

That’s the reason why a part of our revenue goes towards creating a better life for them.

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Get the most out of Seabees

Guess What? The center for all the features is you.


Our team is always there to help you. Even if it is not related to our products.


We spend copious amount of time in reviewing our work to make sure you get the best.


Our affordable quality-to-cost ratio helps you even save when you are learning.

Less is more

We make our content short and crispy. This doesn’t mean we skip important topics.


Gain analytics about your performance in tests to help you improve.


We partner with awesome content creators and institutes to provide the best content to you.


We keep you notified about various on-goings in the industry through our Beseaness newsletter.


Our community based approach helps mariners in networking and peer learning.


We offer a free account creation for everyone to provide access to free tests and courses.

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Our users can’t get enough of Squared

He would have raised his voice and demanded to speak to the manager.

Kara Mundi


There weren’t supposed to be dragons flying in the sky fantasy books like unicorns. ⭐️❤️

Pascal Armand


Her eyebrows were a shade darker than her hair. They were thick and almost horizontal, emphasizing the depth of her eyes. She was rather handsome than beautiful.

Jamie Dones


It was cloudy outside but not really raining. There was a light sprinkle at most and there certainly wasn’t a need for an umbrella. 😍

Patrick Empsey


Finding the red rose in the mailbox was a pleasant surprise for Sarah. She didn’t have a boyfriend There wasn’t even a note attached to it. 🎨

Martina Klass


There was little doubt that the bridge was unsafe. All one had to do was look at it to know that with. Surprise for Sarah. She didn’t have a boyfriend or know of anyone who was.

Clem Vans


But time was something he didn’t have. A choice needed to be made, and it needed to be made quickly.

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